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The Principals of Brookhaven Capital Partners have a 25-year track record of investing in and developing critical transportation assets that support industry and promote new economic development, community investment, and job creation.

Our unique expertise in logistics and industrial development enables us to spot opportunities from a diverse group of industry participants with whom we partner on synergistic investments. Our holistic approach extends to the responsible development of natural resources and the interface with municipal infrastructure including such areas as water rights and water-related infrastructure.

Combined with our disciplined, research-driven investment philosophy we are able to identify opportunity and create value where others don't.

Targeted Investments


Supply Chain Infrastructure

  • Railroads
  • Ports
  • Terminals

Industrial Infrastructure

  • Development of Industrial Areas

Municipal Infrastructure

  • Water Rights
  • Pipelines
  • Reservoirs

Overview of Historical Investments by Principals


Leadership role in the development of a $500 million Logistics Infrastructure Platform, the acquisition of more than 20 railroads and ports, and the development of large scale industrial parks


Co-founded independent oil and gas E&P growing to over $1 billion in value


Acquired, entitled, and transferred water rights, creating a water transfer company, providing water to municipal and energy markets

Year Track Record

~$1.5 Billion
Value Creation

Direct Jobs Created

Notable Principal Investments

BP: Asphalt Terminal, Chicago, IL<br/>
Halliburton: Frac Sand Terminal, DJ Basin, CO
BP: Asphalt Terminal, Chicago, IL
Halliburton: Frac Sand Terminal, DJ Basin, CO

Terminal developments creating logistical advantage for shippers in multiple commodities

Owens Illinois: Glass Bottle Manufacturing<br>Vestas: Wind Turbine Blades
Owens Illinois: Glass Bottle Manufacturing
Vestas: Wind Turbine Blades

Site selection for large industrial developments creating investment, tax base, and primary sector jobs

Musket Corp: Crude-by-rail<br>
Blue Water Resources: Water Transfer<br>
Fairmont Minerals: Frac Sand
Musket Corp: Crude-by-rail
Blue Water Resources: Water Transfer
Fairmont Minerals: Frac Sand

Leadership role in developing energy infrastructure

The assets shown above represent investments of the Principals prior to establishing Brookhaven Capital Partners

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