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Based in Denver, CO, Brookhaven Capital Partners is a privately held, boutique real estate and infrastructure investment firm.

With over 25 years of working together, we have the proven ability to spot trends, source opportunities, and see value where others do not.

We utilize a diversified platform across asset classes, geography, and product type to reduce risk and increase opportunities. We invest with discipline, based on extensive research, rigorous underwriting, and a sharp eye for value honed over 30 years.


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Diverse experience across markets and asset classes

We seek opportunities to deploy capital in asset classes and markets where our hands-on management expertise, proprietary value creation strategies, and deep relationships provide us with a competitive advantage. We build businesses with long-term, sustainable cash flow, and defensible position in their market while having alignment with our capital partners, employees, and communities.

Representative Principal Investments

The assets shown above represent investments of the Principals prior to establishing Brookhaven Capital Partners.

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