Brookhaven Capital Partners to Develop a UCHealth Cherry Creek Presence at 1st & Cook

Owner and developer Brookhaven Capital Partners is in collaboration with architect Davis Partnership and general contractor Swinerton Builders on a new 89,000-SF medical office building in metro-Denver. Being developed by Brookhaven and leased to UCHealth, the new medical center will be located in Denver’s Cherry Creek District at the intersection of Cook Street and 1st Avenue. The new center will offer a combination of primary care, specialty care, a surgery center with state-of-the-art imaging capabilities, and a comprehensive oncology center. At five stories in height, the new offices will present a clean, professional image of healthcare in a sharp, modern building designed to speak to its surroundings. The building’s exterior, composed of metal panels and glass, is animated by an angular roofline jutting dramatically toward the sky.

Parking and traffic considerations, both during construction and for long-term use, were at the forefront of decision making during the design phase. Off-street parking for the property will be accommodated by four levels of below-grade parking in a 235-stall garage. This will more than double the required parking ratio, allowing the completed property to boast one of the highest square foot-to-stall ratios of any office building in the District. Keeping vehicle traffic flows away from neighboring retail and residential interests began with placing the garage entrance on Cook Street just north of 1st Avenue and exiting through the alley back to 1st.

Construction broke ground in September of 2017, and the UCHealth Cherry Creek Medical Center is expected to open in late 2019.

Photo Credit: Davis Partnership
Source: Colorado Construction & Design, Spring 2018 Issue, p. 40